About Us

With almost two decades of being in business, SBTS Group is an experienced and premiere technology services company with presence in three continents( North America, Africa and Asia). We provide your firm with our global technical expertise, project management skills, and vast IT experience in Custom Software development, turnkey biometric solutions with AFIS, Systems integration, Enterprise web solutions covering mobile app development, web and cloud solutions, full service digital technology with social media strategy and pages, Managed Services covering networking, application and turnkey support enabling your organization to focus on its core business with over 18 years’ experience as a firm. Our decades of experience allows us to provide these services with simplicity to the user whilst delivering complex solutions, noting that the technology is there to support a business case and not the other way around, hence Technology made simple.
At SBTS Group, we have seen the IT industry evolve from a vehicle for addressing tactical concerns such as time and cost saving, regulation compliance, to a vehicle that adds to the bottom line and employee effectiveness. Information Technology is now responsible for cost savings and revenue generation in many industries;

This reality has brought the importance of Information Technology out of the data centers and into the boardroom. Top executives at major companies are universally concerned about technology and what it means to the overall health of their business and their employees. Ass your technology solutions provider, SBTS Group will ensure that your use of streamlined processes in technology, positions your organization for cost savings, efficiency, and revenue generation with increased employee productivity and overall security.

At SBTS Group, our areas of expertise are:

  • Biometric solutions
  • Technology Consulting
  • Web development
  • Mobile App development
  • E-Government
  • Software Development
  • Database design, development and administration
  • Managed Services, Networking & Security solutions
  • Systems Integration
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Turnkey Contact center BPO setup and management
  • Training

SBTS Group is the primary developer of the 117 call center for Ebola operations and provided numerous support including developing the software for case management for the WHO, CDC global response with complete application development, recruitment, floor support and payroll management. We have also developed a multiplatform app for pension fund management while also providing services to banks such as Standard Chartered etc.

We have managed small projects in the thousands of dollars to very large and complex projects in the millions of dollars. We have over 43 full time employees with outsourced staff of 200+ to other companies or projects

At SBTS, we pride ourselves on our hard work, dedication to service and expertise and never give up. Contact us now to start your journey with our experience.
Please contact us 39 Siaka Stevens Street, Freetown. email info@sbtsgroup.com