Autentication & Biometrics

SBTS Group is a full service turnkey ICT company with three locations globally. At SBTS Group we leverage our technology expertise to enable organizations use the physiological characteristics of an individual to verify that “they are who they say they are”. Our biometric Solutions enable the registration of citizens for drivers’ licenses, national identification programs, prevention of identity fraud, access control, and criminal investigations. Our Biometric Solution reduce the incidence of fraud in a wide variety of industries such as governments, (state and local) law enforcement, transportation, financial services, education, health care and commercial.

One of the biggest benefactors of technology growth is the security industry. From low end visual security systems to high end Biometrics systems, we have qualified and world renown experts at your disposal. Technology solutions play an essential role in greatly diminishing various security threats. SBTS and its global partners have implemented some of the best security products/services in world.

From People access security systems to Computing environments. Our Industry experts are here to conduct a full audit of your security environment and implement top notch industry best practices systems. Our Line of products and services include but are not limited to government security infrastructure, corporate security infrastructure, Security Consulting, Biometrics: fingerprint matching, retina scan matching, photo technology and other emerging technology.