Design & Web Development and dedicated server hosting

The internet drives the way businesses communicate internally and externally. The internet can facilitate the entry into new markets. Your online presence through your website is your gateway to the world and new markets. In addition to design, back-end programming drives the profitability of your website or portal. This seamless interaction allows you to have an online database for membership drives, or integrate any other integral aspects of your business to your web project. The SBTS approach to web development is a collaborative process; our primary focus is ensuring that your business goals are integrated into your web presence. Our web development process draws from the talents of our creative designers, marketers, developers and project management people. Together, we ensure you have a website that effectively projects your business. SBTS Group will also ensure that your internal staff has the necessary skills to manage your website by providing the necessary training. SBTS Hosts all its websites, web applications via its own dedicated servers with root access. SBTS has hosted over 200 different web projects since its inception.