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The Sigma Club – Fourah Bay Collage

Sigma is focused on aminly educational programs, the Annual Brain of F.B.C inter-secondary schools competitions, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Table Tennis, Guy-Fawlee carnival, Thanksgiving service, End of year Cocktail party, certifacation for graduating Sigmites.

MGN Health Services

MGN Healthcare Services specializes in placing medical prfessionals in a varieyt of positions. The expertise and professinalism of our medical staff are unmatched within the industry.


Integnets is a premier IT consulting company. We provide cost efficient and reliable Technology support services in Sierra Leone and the UK. Whether you are looking to setup a corporate network, administer existing network, outsource or complement your existing IT department, setup up a remote office, or design a wireless solution for your business.

First Line Airways

Welcome to First Line Air in association with Monarch Air. Your first choice for direct flights to Freetown, Sierra Leone form London’s Gatwick Airport.

ABN International Group

We invite you to come to Africa with us – it is the land of our birth. There are a few better places than Africa to experience just what being alive is all about; friendly people, exotic animals, sunshine, spectacular coastlines and mountains.