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Training Solution

SBTS Group presents the next generation of training in its new e-learning software—Trainingsol. Training sol is designed as a mobile or stationary training solution. Training sol enables training and internet access in the most remote locations in the world. Trainingsol combines the power of a training management solution with an e-learning solution. This software package simplifies the training process, making it easily manageable for the training administrator and effective for the student.

The e-learning component of this solution allows students to learn new skills or take refresher course at any time from the comfort of their desk or in a training room. E- learning promotes self-paced learning, allowing the student to proceed at his or her own pace of learning. E-learning eliminates expensive travel and hotel costs involved in traditional in-person training. The e-learning module will always be at their disposal as a reference tool enabling students a learning tool every time they have access to their computer.