Wireless networking

The SBTS Wireless Networking and Security Services have aligned their expertise to specific business problems, risks, and opportunities in the wireless environment.

SBTS professionals assess the client’s wireless e-business strategies, plans, architectures and infrastructure in order to identify specific threats or vulnerabilities present and derive the solution best suited to the situation. SBTS applies advanced knowledge of wireless networks and cutting edge tools to test the current architecture for security risks. SBTS aids its clients identify risks at an early stage in the project, this early problem-identification protects against unforeseen delays and costs and also allows for appropriate security measures to be applied in time.

SBTS professionals will formulate a secure strategy, policy, process and architecture to meet the businesses requirements for wireless solutions. The security capability of the network is aligned to a number of industry solutions that can be used by clients to leverage the opportunities from extending their current e-business applications into the wireless space to introducing new, innovative solutions that are made available by advances in wireless technology.